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Thread: New build - PSU related question

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    Default New build - PSU related question

    Hi guys,

    First time poster but I've been looking at your reviews for quite some time!

    Recently I've been putting together a new system with the following specs:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 1600 @stock
    M/B: Asus Prime B350 Plus
    RAM: Corsair DDR4 8GBx2 @ 3000Mhz
    GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 Windforce 2x @stock
    2x 3.5 HDDs, 1x SSD, 1x 2.5 HDD
    Fractal Design Define R4 case

    Now, based on limited local availability, my initial choice for PSU was a SuperFlower Leadex Silver 650W (i have seen there is a thread in here from 2015 about them but no actual testing done).

    However, with that unit the BIOS always read 11.90 V at idle, and in full load AIDA64 / OCCT read a minimum of 11.70V. I also experienced a crash/BSOD after less than 2 minutes of OCCT PSU test.

    With these components and no OC it seemed weird to get 12V rail drop on a brand new PSU, so I exchanged the unit for a Seasonic M12II Evo 620W (only other reliable choice @ the price here).

    Now, this unit reads a more steady 11.97V in BIOS, but in full load AIDA64 / OCCT dipped as low as 11.57V (just momentarily, average is @11.73V). However, no crashes so far including in OCCT PSU test.

    Readings between BIOS/AIDA64/OCCT are all consistent (seem to be reading same sensor).

    My question is: should I be worried about these readings?

    I know ATX spec says 11.4V minimum but in my former system (i5 750@3.5Ghz, ASRock P55, GTX970 OC + Seasonic S12II 620W) BIOS readings were always slightly over 12V and 12V load voltage drop measured with the same tools was _never_ so big (except when i had an old Corsair CX450 which also started hanging in 3D load testing while AIDA was reporting similarly high 12V drops).

    Since I would intend to upgrade in the future to Ryzen 8-core and/or GTX 1080Ti or Volta on this platform, I am a bit concerned that although these parts should fit in 620W/650W PSU, then judging by current drop, the 12v voltage drop would go at or below 11.4 and out of spec?

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    Standard reply: Your can't use software like AIDA64, OCCT or your BIOS to read out the voltage.

    If you would use a digital multi meter you see the voltage of both power supplies is around 12V and doesn't really change that much under load.

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