Hi. I tried to reproduce 2 times display driver crash. When i run 3dmark time spy stress test. I turn off monitor and then turn on again it will stop test and display TDR crash report in event viewer. Is this reason to worry? This happened 2 times when i turn off montor and turn on back. I tried to reproduce this more than 2 times,and no crash. Yes test will stop , but no TDR driver crash. Weird.

PC: 6700K stock
Asus Z170-P
Corsair 750 RM
1080 Ti Fe stock No oc.

Screen from event viewer:

When i tried to reproduce driver crash i cant. It happened only 2 times.

Any ideas why it crashed driver only 2 times during this? Why it doesn't happen everytime during this? ( TDR )

My monitor: iiyama red eagle g-master gb2488hsu-b3

If i dont turn off monitor test will run non stop even 24 hours without crash.

Monitor is plugged by display port cable to display port.