For the past couple of days, I have been trying to re-install Win 10, and it just won't work.

My usual routine is to unplug USB devices, just leaving the mouse and keyboard plugged in.
I remove all drives except the one I want to put Win10 on.
I then go into the Bios to select the flash drive to boot from.
I can then install the OS, but on the 'install windows' screen it will take about 20 seconds until I can actually select the UK and keyboard with the mouse.
I can type in the OS KEY.
When nearly at the desk top, I can type in the MS password to finish off to get to the desktop. I always sign in to MS for mail and stuff at that point, and later on disable the password to get to the desktop.

I can then install the drivers on to the motherboard, as it is only point and click from my USB storage drive.

Now the problem, I then need to type stuff, for example change the name of the C: drive, I can highlight its current name, but back space does not remove it.

I can click on 'run' the mouse cursor blinks, but no words or letters come out of the key board, even though the keys are lit and it is ready to go.

I can load up I.E. but I cannot type into the search bar.
Even though I have installed the Corsair K-40 drivers, but when I check I find the drivers are MS ones.

I keep getting pop ups saying that windows does not recognise the last USB device plugged in, but doesn't tell me which one, but I suspect the Logitech wireless MX Master mouse, because although the keyboard is lit, it can take about 20 seconds before it begins to work, and is fine after that.

Which means that the whole new installation is useless, and the keyboard works fine during the install process, but not when it is 'ready to go'...

I have never had this before when putting on Win 10.
I have tried 3 different mouses, and another keyboard - no difference.

I have tried 3 legal copies of Win 10, 2 x Home, and 1 x Ultimate - no difference, all on Samsung flash drives of at least 16GB capacity, so at that point there is no point in continuing with MS downloads, putting of software, games etc., and I am back to square one, and rather unhappy....

The last time I actually did a fresh install of Windows 10 was sometime last early last year

Note, I have also installed a fresh version of Windows 7 Home, and had no problems with that.

Anyone any ideas, and sorry for the long post, but just trying to give you an idea of what happens after the installation.
Just hoping Guru can help/advise ?