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    Default 80 Plus certification updates

    Why not have a thread for all the new power supplies popping up at Ecova every few days. Many people miss them, unannounced and unknown power supplies appear sometimes too, but it's not always worth it to make a separate topic for each and every one of them. My browser notifies me of any new ones every day.

    Last 3 days:

    Bitfenix Formula 80+ Gold BF450-750G, DC-DC and 100% Jap caps.
    Ecos ID goes back to Chieftec GPS-C, which uses CWT GPS LLC+DCDC platform, but be careful because Ecos ID is very often wrong. (Two PSUs using same ID can have different platforms or even OEMs).

    BDF400S-BDF600S, BDF650C-BDF1000C
    That's the Chieftec Proton series. The S and C models use different platforms. The C models have the same ID as High Power Direct12 Bronze II, but that's incorrect since they're different.

    500BV model.

    HGE and HGA models, respectively some Hydro G and some Hexa.

    High Power
    HP1 (same ID as those low wattage Chieftec Protons), GP series (with dead links), HPW

    LDLC US: Seasonic Prime Gold rebrands (confirmed elsewhere), EC-500 (probably Eco Plus)

    RD400S, RD450S

    TR, PD2, GD2: Prime Ultra series.

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