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Thread: EagleTree Capital Buys Majority Share in Corsair for $525 Million

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    Post EagleTree Capital Buys Majority Share in Corsair for $525 Million

    @Mods: Sorry if this is in the incorrect place.

    Well this is interesting. I wonder how it will change how Corsair works?

    I don't suppose that someone in the know is able (or is even willing!) to comment, even in the broadest possible terms?

    Also, that's a fair whack of money! :-)

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    Most likely won't effect much. They bought the shares from another group who already owned a large chunk of Corsair.

    Likewise, projects that have already been put in motion will most likely stay in motion. Corsair has been successful in most markets, except maybe SSDs, so an investment firm wouldn't really consider changing strategy.

    Most moves like this, in the business world, are done to facilitate larger expansion. E.G. Bring Corsair to more markets or expand their presence in existing markets.

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    What Tator said.

    The comments of "Oh my God, that means their quality is going to go down!" that I keep seeing is so dumb. It's not like EagleTree replaces all upper management and replaces the whole board and start making decisions. Do any of these people know how business works? For us, it's business as usual. For EagleTree, it's just another investment. Corsair gets some money to play with and, like any investment, EagleTree may or may not make a return on their investment and then some... or lose some. Just like life.

    I think people are confusing this with instances where one company "takes over" another. Like when Logitech bought Astro gaming, for example. Or Facebook buying Instagram. It's not like that at all.

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