Currently dealing with Seasonic to RMA my M12II 520W - seems like it will take some time so I need to get a temporary(or permanent) replacement, I have narrowed down my choices to these 3 PSUs based on past recommendations:

1) Corsair CX450M - 62 USD
2) Corsair CX650M - 72 USD
3) Super Flower Gold 550W - 91 USD

I'm running on a single GPU system with Intel E3-1230V2 xeon processor and Zotac GTX 1060 Mini 3GB, with no plan of overclocking the GPU.

PcPartPicker rates my wattage usage at 297W, I am leaning toward CX450M due to limited budget, would that be fine or would I need the 650W? Can't get the 550W version in my country.

I know the SF Gold is in a different tier but what other noticeable difference would I see if I were to pay 30 dollars more for the Super Flower Gold?