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Thread: Wifi problem using Win 10 and an old x58 system

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    Default Wifi problem using Win 10 and an old x58 system

    I recently brought my old x58 system back to life after cleaning and resetting everything, including the CPU and cooler. It was in a nonclimate controlled garage for 6 years. The problem is two fold, but similar. The system was originally built in 2008 and the only upgrade was a 2012 PSU and Graphics card. I was running Win 7, and now Win 10 Pro.

    CPU: i7 920 Bloomfield
    MB: Gigabyte UD5 X58
    RAM: OCZ DDR3 Gold

    1. Using an ASUS PCIe wifi card, I get these random bzzzt sounds.
    2. Using a USB 2.0 Wifi external dongle, I don't get the bzzt sound, but very light static in the background

    Both of the noises are from the speakers. I tried the monitor speaker using the video card's audio driver, and the external speakers plugged into the MB using the Realtek drivers. I've tried all combinations of drivers for the audio and wifi.

    I polled my card from the card to the router and each time I hear the bzzt sound or the background static, I get a 400-1000ms+ latency spike on both the ASUS wifi card and the external USB 2.0 wifi adapter.

    If I use a normal USB cable to power the external adapter, I can hear the static faintly in the back ground.If I use a USB 2.0 Y cable for more power, the static is louder.

    I cannot make the ASUS card bzzzt sound happen. It's random every few seconds no matter what is going on with the computer.

    The USB dongle is a little different. I can recreate the static at will by simply clicking on the taskbar wifi icon that brings up the taskbar wifi box. Every time I click on that icon, I get the static and the latency spikes.

    Here is what it looks like:

    I've tried everything I know. That old system was running Win 7 and I had no problems. I'm wondering if sitting so long could have caused some internal problems or if Win 10 drivers are just not playing nicely with each other given my old hardware?

    Update: I just tried it with the Ethernet cable and wifi disabled (WIn 10 automatically does that I guess). No issues at all. When I enable wifi, but leave the connection through cable, there are no problems. I can again hear the static when clicking on the wifi icon, but it does not affect the cable connection. I guess this has something to do with Win 10 and Wifi?

    Thanks very much for any help.
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