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Thread: Ripple Measurement

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    Default Ripple Measurement

    Hi folks. I've gathered all the equipment for the power supply for a short time. My first victim HX750i. I did all test and last test ripple measurement. But I think it's a problem with measurements. Especially 12V channel.

    OSC Rigol 1054z(Hacked 100 MHZ) I build own DC Load and Text Fixture. I followed intel atx spec.

    Channel 1 -12V- Channel 2 -5V- Channel 3 -3.3V- Channel 4 -5VSB-

    %0 Load

    %10 Load

    %20 Load

    %30 Load

    %40 Load

    %50 Load

    %60 Load

    %70 Load

    %80 Load

    %90 Load

    %100 Load

    %110 Load

    CL 1

    CL 2

    What are you thinking? Have you observed an abnormal condition in the results?

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    Its switching controller operates at Missing Cylce (MC) mode under light loads and this increases ripple during your 10% test. However as it seems you should calibrate your loads since your 10% load is actually lower, because I didn't have this ripple in my HX750i sample with true 10% load. Else in your sample the controller is tuned slightly different since with the use of the proper circuit its MC mode can be adjusted. I have also noticed this in the HX1000i review and in general most LLC topologies have it under light loads.

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