Hello all,

Upgrading my system from a 11 year old Antec 520w High Current Gamer 80+ bronze. This PSU has adequately powered two builds, an e6750 with a variety of GPUs and a i7 2600k at 4.5ghz with an r9 fury nitro, 2 SSD, 2 HDD, 5 120mm fans, and 1 250mm fan.

Upgrading to a ryzen platform system, x370 board. Using either a 2600 or 2700 (non x) and manually overclocking. Carrying over the r9 fury nitro. Just 1 ssd, 1 hdd, 5 140mm fans.

Looking at Seasonic and FSP (and the brands they manufacture for). Antec, BeQuiet, etc. No EVGA or Corsair units. I've had countless failures from both brands, could just be the models I bought, but I refuse to buy another PSU from either one no matter how good it is.

I'm thinking I need 550-650w? Budget is around 100$ or less. Seasonic Focus Plus 550w platinum is 100$ with 30$ MIR at the moment. Perhaps this is the best deal? Also like the FSP Hydro G 650w for 89$

Suggestions are welcome and helpful. Bonus points if the unit has a white housing as my new case has white internals. Semi modular is probably fine, I'm going to have to use those cables anyway!