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    I did connected yesterday a gpu and hdd . The voltage did stand still wil minor fluctuations.

    I dont understand. Is that overall load is only 230watts is making it stable.

    As i ran even a game for 5-10 min the 12v rail is fine say 12.225 to 12. 201 variation

    3.3v came down to 3.12 and 5v is 4.9v

    iam confused now again.

    If the psu is kind of ok why did it switch off the psu where it runs fine with the same gpu with new psu fine.

    Say even with 2nd replaced gpu when i was just working on some application the display when to powersave and i hit a key then it came back. Thats it after that it wont even display properly and it wont even boot successfull even if so at 3-5 attempts the pc shutdown abruptly say 20-30 minutes of usage.

    Then i remove the gpu . It worked ok for some time but this time unlike last time i got 2-3 time pc shutdown randomly say 3-5hrs of usage it shutdown. when i hard reboot nothing happens or it shows power surge detected to protect the board shutdown the pc.

    Then i just loaded the pc with just BIOS (no gpu ) it stays for bios say 10 minutes and then shutdown. not even stable with even no gpu connected.

    I have no idea. At time the 24pin keeps giving me issue the power button keeps flashing and wont turn on the pc. I have to open the case to adjust the 24 pin and then it runs for a while.

    Its all old pc troubleshooting a big deal.

    i do now know the psu is kind of ok for normal pc with not much load. but it ran fine for past 5 years with average load 350wattas of not more than 490watts

    One thing to note all the cables i see some black things i dont know if its dust or some kind of burnt . As when i remove the psu from pc my whole hand was black . it took me heavy rubbing to get it off.

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    I give up.

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