Hi Guys.

I recently rma'ed my GPU which was causing the display to go powersave mode or switch off . It litterarly switch off the gpu. Say i can remotely see pc running but the graphics option was disabled.

Some time it wont even boot and i saw old grainny black and white whole monitor so i did rma'ed .

Now the new gpu worked fine for 3-4 days and again power saving mode is turned on and i cant see anything.

Now the pc is also acting weired. It totally shuts off the pc it seems though i see power button led lit

when the gpu was in RMA for a week . I never had much of hicups or abrupt shutdown restart. for inital 1 or 2 day it was once a day.

So i was wondering what could be the issue. Many say ram which is not in my case as i recently replaced part of the ram and rest where just 1 year old.

so i came to know psu could be dying as its 5+ years back when i build this pc.

So i thought of looking into 12 volt rail to my shock it was 11.3v when in bios.

I cant imagine when the OS load and game is running.

Its below the ATX 2.2 spec of +/- fault tolerances.

so i removed the gpu and thought of running the pc without it. 12v rail gone in OS HWInfo.

But the BIOS seems to show improved sign of 11.7v even then under almost idle no load its should be close 12v . Only then if loaded it will be within fault tolernace of 11.5V+

So i definitely my PSU dying . Rest of 3.3 and 5 volt rails were good and no issues.

Only because of this rail degrading i have to change the psu.

Is the BIOS reading also could be faulty.

Also in the non gpu time frame when rma'ed PC ran into shutdown mode when booted manually it says there is power surge deducted. Which i dont see any natural way of happening. As no lightining or rain in my area nor even power fluctions.

I ran the PC via APC UPS connected via backup and belkin anti power surge.

Inspite the board also shut down itself deducting power fluctions.

So it means the 12v is already gone isnt it.