Hey guys, hope you're doing well. I am greatly in need of your knowledge today.

For a SFF project, I need to modify my existing Seasonic SS-300M1U to have 4 outputs:

1.) 6 Pin PCIe
2.) 8 Pin EPS
3.) 5 Pin SATA Power
4.) 24 Pin ATX

I'm using a small Intel 320 (120GB) SSD , a GTX 750Ti FTW ACX, an AMD A10-7890K, and lastly a MSI A88XM Gaming motherboard.

Although the PSU only has a single 12v rail capable of 25A, I figure that this should be enough for the components (rough estimate - 7.1A for the GPU, 7.9A for the CPU, 7A for the rest = 22A.) Let me know if these estimates seem too low!

So my main problem is that the PSU only has 6 12v output terminals/wires (2 for the SATA/Molex, 2 for the Mobo, and 2 for the CPU), but my components need 10 12v wires in total. The PSU also has a 12v sense wire going into one of the 12v terminals on the 24 Pin ATX connector.

At first it seemed like an easy problem to fix, split the 2 12v wires for the CPU into 4, keep the 2 12v Mobo wires the same, and then use the 2 12v Molex/SATA wires for the 6 Pin PCIe (splitting one of those wires.)

The problem is I don't know where to splice my 12v wire for my SATA power into. Could I splice it into one of the Molex/SATA wires (now being used for the 6 Pin PCIe?) If I did that, there would be a 12v double wire, with one end going into the 6 Pin PCIe Connector, and the other going into the SATA connector. Could this introduce any problems, since the GPU and SSD would obviously require different amounts of current?

The other option I have is splicing the the 12v wire for the SATA power onto one of the motherboard's 12v wires. This makes me ask the same question though - if a double wire is spliced, and each of the terminating ends go to different components, will there be a current balancing problem (on a single 12v rail PSU w/ DC-DC conversion.)

Thank you so much!