I was looking at some computer parts to recommend to a friend and to me it seems like more and more hardware reviewers are putting a heavier and heavier emphasis on the price and value of products.

Even if something is a good product they will tell you not to buy it because it's not the very best value. I'm not ever referring to products that have poor value, but products that just don't have the very best one.

Shouldn't products be judged primarily by the inherent qualities? Aren't prices always changing? Aren't prices different in every country? Isn't availability different everywhere?

It's one thing to say, "there are better values out there", versus "we cannot recommend the product at all because there is one $20 cheaper". The second scenario is what I am reading a lot on other sites.

I find this a bit annoying and condescending. It makes them sound omnipotent, like they know the price in every region. I find it very annoying when reviews try to split hairs to determine the best value and make a recommendation based on that.

At the end of the day it's up to the consumer to decide whether the price is worth it TO THEM.