So i got a Sharkoon Silenstorm 500w sfx-l unit that i previously used. I always felt it was slightly underpowered for my 980ti +6700 setup. The other day while removing the gpu i damaged the CPU power cable (ncase m1 so thight). Unable to get a replacement, i got the SF600.

But the SF600 is a total nightmare (imo). Extremely noisy, coil whine and it makes the rest of the system coil whine as well. Since I'm kinda silent freak, that is no good. At this point I just want to go back to my Sharkoon unit.

My question is;
Can I use this cable kit with my Sharkoon PSU? That is a kit for the Silverstone SX500 sfx unit that is the same OEM as my sharkoon unit.

They seem very similar, but I can't find any info on pinout, and I can only order the kit on amazon and not local (norway), so returning the cables are kind of expensive if they don't fit.

Any help is appreciated