I'm trying to make custom cables for the RM1000i and I found a post in Overclock.net's repository that could be of help.


Post#570 by SimonOcean

I'm relatively new to sleeving PSU cables (not extensions) and seeing the diagram makes me shiver a bit. My main two concerns are about the capacitors and the different gauge wires.

Questions :

1- From what I understand, using capacitors is not mandatory as it just helps with voltage fluctuations. Can I just forego those and follow the wiring diagram without connecting capacitors to different 24p pins ?

2- Can I use 18AWG wire accross the board without having to connect 16AWG to 22AWG wires (for example) ?

3- Pin #20 of the MB 24pin seems unused. Is this normal ? Is there really no cable there. If I compare this to a standard 24pin ATX layout, there should be a -5V pin there.

Thanks in advance for the help.