I am not an AMD supporter and neither an intel supporter. I have AMD components because the price was justified, sort of..
And i know that Blender is not used by everybody(i dont like Blender even if its free), therefore it isnt a main point of performance reference, but since they have made the test i thought the results were way too weird.
My best result in Blender 2.78b was 86 seconds on my slow FX 6350 (stock speed), on a Linux Live OS.
@ridgid13579 Nice score you have there. And powerful intel. You should try the same test under Linux(Live USB Distro). That should be interesting.
ps: i dont use TurboMode 4.2Ghz, i have disable it from BIOS, so every setting is fixed, stock speed. This cpu TurboMode/TurboBoost is a joke in my opinion. I am not gone get more performance IF the cpu clock will Boost from 3.9Ghz to 4.2Ghz for ~2 seconds now and then..This is just for marketing, in the eyes of the buyer this translates in "bigger values = more powerful". Its just a mirage.