So my current PSU(Cooler Master G550M, model RS-550-AMAA-B1) is causing random restarts, and I'm looking to replace it. It's still under warranty, and I can pick a replacement one in the price range(not sure if I can get the same one, seems they are out of stock).
If I have the option, should I stick with the model I have(it worked fine for almost 2 years, and has a 5 year warranty, most of the other ones have 2, some 3), or should I get one of these below? Min 500W.
Mine was 8.200 din, so anything below the red line I would have to pay extra, which I'd rather not do if they aren't much better, and to a max of 9.200 din.

Here's the rest of my components: ASUS R9 270-DC2OC-2GD5, GIGABYTE GA-990X-Gaming SLI, AMD FX-6300, Kingston Fury HX313C9FB/8, Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001, 1x 80mm fan, 1x 140mm fan.

Sorry for any english mistakes, it's not my first language.
Any help is appreciated.