Hey guys, thought I'd come to my favourite forum for any thoughts on this:

I've been roped in to help a small (1 person) charity / business ensure they have a semi decent backup solution in place. As someone who's had 0 backup solutions in place for his own company for 8 years, I figure I better get some advice Nothing's life + death critical, but it could be 6 months of livelyhood for the owner if things go wrong, so we both figure it's worth spending a bit of time on.

Not sure of the exact setup yet, but there's a number of windows laptops, win PC, Mac desktop. Drive capacities are around 4 x 1TB total. At least 1 to 2TB+ of file data (much of which is long videos which probably do need backing up).

They're currently just using some portable drives and storing off-site but I figured something a little less involved and more automated might be called for. Here's my issues:

- NAS - onsite, not a good idea on it's own, and possibly too expensive to run multiple NAS (on/offsite). Also any issues with NAS subject to virus / ransomware?

- Offsite NAS - backing up large media files over FTP at a possible 8Mbps is gonna hurt. Maybe a quick backup to local NAS, then constant mirroring of NAS via FTP to an offsite NAS (is that even possible?) - saves issues with PCs not being on all time.

- One-time disk image (prob via Acronis) to portable media, stored offsite. Any way to semi automate this (like - plug in drive, auto incremental update of image)?

- Internal drives / raid gonna be pointless due to laptops / mac.

- Cloud too expensive (vs alternatives) for the amount of data, may use it if there's some smaller files / folders but not sure on software (needs to be fully automated).

- Windows/Mac inbuilt solutions don't seem great, or a bit ott (File History seems to have issues recognising drives, and they don't really need a full history ala time machine, just regular backups). And constant backup of entire system probably is a bit much too. Unless again it can be automated and not cost the world.

- May get them to do 1 time backups of media files, then see what's left - may be able to make do with the portable drives they already have if that's the case.

So yeah, tell me how wrong I am