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io sto decidendo di comprarlo proprio in questi giorni e questa è già la seconda segnalazione che vedo in merito a questo problema
(Ed. translation: I'm thinking to buy it but it's the second time I read something about a similar issue)
Please pino, use always english to write here (it's mostly a matter of respect. ).

BTW, there wasn't any problem, and the RM550x is the same one of the Corsair forum.

That specific RM550x looked fine since the beginning, and actually it was perfectly fine (swapped PSU, CPU and RAM and the PC didn't boot, as expected, so the dead mobo was RMAed: the "case" did never existed and now it's "officially" closed).

I just wanted to investigate the PWR_OK timings, if it was possible (that's the only real reason of this thread), but I didn't got any practical/definitive advice about that from our experienced co-forumers.