The point is, if they could not even make the graphics right, you can expect the HW be crap as well. The importer should be aware of it and in the case he gets fined for a PoS which does not comply with regulations, he than goes to the manufacturer and…that tells him he can go frell himself as the unit was not specified as conforming, just look, that thing is not a proper CE logo, we do not owe you anything

Most of the chinese companies are not stupid and it is not that common to find crap where there is proper CE logo but the unit does not comply. They usually avoid direct frauding and instead use some wannabe CE-like graphics. But than, they never actually stated it is conforming thus have no legal obligations to anybody for anything.

This is mi idea anyway as I do not think I have seen crap PSU with proper CE. Most of the times it did not have CE at all, or some of these fake graphics.