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Thread: Seasonic Prime 750 Review

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumblingom View Post
    took it back to the Sunnyvale Central Computer store and they replaced it

    what could it be?

    will they (Seasonic) honor their warranty?

    do i need to register the psu?

    this is unthinkable, it's like getting a bad Honda.
    Hello Bumblingon,

    We are really sorry for this issue. We always do our best to avoid such issue but unfortunately it may happen.
    I'm not sure to get it but if your reseller already replaced it, then your warranty has been honored. For the remaining time, you don't need to register your PSU. Kindly keep your proof of purchase which is asked for any RMA claim.
    If you have the serial number of this unit, it will help us to track it and check what happened to this product. Pleae, PM me all the information you can have about this product.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

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    The Seasonic Rep is continuing to work hard at tracking down every glitch. Impressive QC work, that.
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    HD: WD 500GB (old); Case: LIAN LI PC-7H Aluminum ATX Mid Tower
    PSU: Seasonic Platinum 660W

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