I've got my PC up and running for a year already. Today I woke up and tried to turn on my PC without any luck. I pressed the power button couple times, nothing has happened. I removed every possible external device connected to the PC leaving just the power chord, still no luck. I took my PC out of the stand, removed the case and that's when I felt the electrical burning smell. First thing I removed was the Graphics Card that smell the worse, the PC booted up normally without it and it's working just fine with internal HDMI located on MOBA. I installed the Graphics Card back without connecting the additional power supply (2 blue slots). It turned on stopping on black screen since the 2 blue cables weren't connected. It turned it back off and connected the 2 blue chords, clicked the power button and then somewhere below my graphics card case there was a little spark, smoke came out and the electrical burn smell got stronger then before. I didn't try turning it on since then, worried that I can damage it even more.

I've read some posts with similar cases, most of them suggest doing the RMA, in that case Asus RMA which is no luck for me since the card was bought in Poland and I live in the UK now. I tried registering the card on Asus Warranty page although it didn't accept my device serial number stating that I should've contact the shop directly. The question is. Should I start the whole process that may take couple months to get sorted (sending the card to Poland, them sending it back somewhere for the fix, waiting for the fix, etc.) or is it possible that the damage is low and there is no need for warranty process? I'm able to do some simple fixed on my own. I'm a designer although I've spent most of my early years playing around with electronics, I can solder etc.