Dear PSU Gods,
Here's another guy who signed up only to ask stupid questions.
I lurked this Site for quite a while and learned a lot of things.

Now i need a new psu but i have no idea what wattage would be adequate for my system, i don't want to pay extra for an overkill psu, since i don't see myself using anything but upper-middle-class hardware for the next 10 years or so.

My system:
i5 4570
HD 7970, occasionally oc'd to 1100/1500 without overvolting
1 HDD, 1 SSD
Bitfenix Shinobi with 6 Fans

since PSU calculators seem to be stupid, what wattage should i go for?

i really don't want to spend more than 70€, cheaper would be even better. I have been looking into the Antec VPF and XFX TS series but if i could get longer lasting units within my budget i would choose them.

I generally buy where it's the cheapest so if you go to and set the region to germany you can see how units are priced here.