Hello Gentlemen.
I have just about finished my new PC based on a Gigabyte G1 Gaming Z170X motherboard + i7-6700k, 2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX and an EVGA FTW 980Ti GFX.
No overclocking on the cpu.

I used my existing Windows 7 home 64bit (as used on my now old PC) and it was validated my MS as genuine, and after the install I clicked on the windows update to sort of finish off things.
But, it just shows 'checking for updates' and goes not further, even leaving it running for half an hour or so.

So, I shut down, restarted using my new disc with Windows 7 Ultimate-64bit, and installed that on the drive.

Once again I tried to update windows, and just got the 'checking for updates' and nothing happened.

So, I tried to update it to Windows 10, but that failed when it got to checking for updates, so the installation would not finish.
First off I used a Samsung 850 Pro SSD 250GB, and the second time I used a Samsung 950 Pro Nvme 256GB M.2 drive, to see if a change of OS drive would make a difference - apparently it doesn't.

Apart from that, I can get on the internet and mail with no problems as normal.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to why windows update will not, ummm update - at all ?

Thank you.