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Actually, we had it all wrong. The EVGA 550 G2 is most likely a safe power supply.

Here is the Tomshardware review for the 550 G2: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/...ly,4244-4.html

It says 11ms is the hold-up time, but that is not true! The old testing equipment did not test hold-up time, it instead tested AC_LOSS to PWR_OK, even though they were falsely called hold-up time tests. So the G2 has a much lower AC_LOSS to PWR_OK value than the Leadex Gold 550, which means the 550 G2 should be 100% safe.

Aris' new testing equipment doesn't add in AC_LOSS to PWR_OK testing; it simply renames the old test, which was called "hold-up time tests", to "AC_LOSS to PWR_OK". Which means the new testing equipment is used to test real hold-up time.

The 650 G2 manages to have twice as high of an AC_LOSS to PWR_OK time than the 550 G2 and it uses the same bulk capacitor. It is the 650 G2 that is the problem, not the 550 G2. The 750 G2 also has too high of AC_LOSS to PWR_OK time, which means that that unit is also a problem.

The 850 G2 is at 17.1ms, so it may or may not be a problem.
Great logical assumptions all of them!!
Unfortunately, we are talking about a PSU, a critical component, whose proper function is essential for the longevity & stability for the rest of the hardware!
(*and the great failure of SF Leadex Gold550 has been a real shock to me, that had impact for the entire Leadex platform )
So now i need reviews (data) to verify logic.
P.S.:Regardless to what i said, quite possibly, all the assumptions that you made are correct! Great work!