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Thread: PSU pick advice: 750W EVGA GQ or the EVGA B2

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    Default PSU pick advice: 750W EVGA GQ or the EVGA B2

    Need some advice choosing between the 2 PSUs in the title. Why these 2? Because they were available cheaply this month.

    Just recently bought the 750W EVGA GQ on sale for $55. It's gold certified, and I like that it has a silent mode on lower load levels. But then I found out that Tom'sHardware did a review on it, and it had high ripple when testing the 5V and 3.3V rail. On a 100% load, they got 45mv on the 5V rail, and 52mv on the 3.3V. Even on 50% load, they measured 30mv and 37mv on the 5V and 3.3V.,4396.html

    How much does ripple affect a computer?
    The EVGA 750W B2 is on sale for about $65, so I was thinking if I should return the GQ and get the B2 instead.

    I'm planning on running a i5 6600k with Cryorig H7 cooler, r9 390 (3 fans) , ssd+HDD, and an optical drive. So I probably won't have too much of a load on the psu normally.

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    That ripple is nothing to worry about, for 55$ dollar the EVGA GQ 750W is a good buy and more then enough for your PC.

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