As IĀ“m going to upgrade to a better video card I decided to OC my old (Fanless R7 240 Core Edition).

At the first Benchmark (1080p) on Unigine Valley the card reached ~ 50 degrees without any OC.
So I improvised and put a 80mm CPU cooling fan on it and suprisingly it didnĀ“t even came close to 50 degrees at max OC.

Core Clock: 780 MHz -> 1000 MHz
Memory Clock: 800MHz -> 1000MHz

Stock Benchmark score: 614
Max OC Benchmark score: 769

After 30min on Furmark and Unigine Heaven/Valley everything stayed stable (no crashes, no artifacts,etc....)

So here is the thing: I didnĀ“t change the voltage because the voltage control is locked.

Should I raise the voltage for better stability/safety or am I good with the current settings?