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Thread: electrical issue

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    Default electrical issue

    i have a situation with my computer i don't know what it is but i have done a lot of test so please help me identifying this and how to solve it
    My build:
    CPU: i7 5820k
    MOBO: x99 g1 gaming 5p
    PSU: seasonic m12 750w
    GFX: g1 gaming gtx 980 ti
    CASE: NZXT phantom 530
    RAM: 16G Crucial ballistic
    my PSU uses a 2 pin power cable also my whole apartment doesn't have that third ground cable it's only 2 cables .. So when i touch my computer case while it's running and feet to the ground i feel link some current is passing through my finger so i have tried different things
    1. I put a nail into the wall and connected it with a wire to one of the nails in my case ==> it reduced the amount of current passing through my finger but not totally gone
    2. i bought a 3 cable power cord for my PSU which has three pins not two at its end and connected the ground pin to the same nail and the two other pins normally to the wall ==> there is no current in the case body while it's running but when i turn off the computer and turn off my PSU button on the back the current comes back and stronger than it was before so strong that i can't put my finger on the case for more than 2 second but when i turn on the PSU button on the back the current is gone
    3. changed the PSU same issue
    4. Tried to turn off all the electric devices in my apartment so i cut the power off from the entire apartment except my room and plugged only my computer ===> same issue
    i don't know if that is normal or what to do with it but i think that my case isn't grounded and that isn't a static electricity ,, so any help would be totally appreciated ,,,, the computer is working fine but I’m worried the it might hurt the components in the long term

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    Simply put.. your apartments electrical system is not grounded. A nail in the wall isn't going to help (much) and the three prong plug only works if the outlet you're plugged into is grounded.

    What does work in some cases is a wire that goes from the power supply ground to the wall plate mounting screw. The wall plate screws into the junction box, which is then attached to the conduit that leads back to the main breaker box. In many cases THIS is grounded, therefore the wall plate mounting screw would also be mouted.

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