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Thread: frequent cable modem outages & slow bandwith

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    Lightbulb frequent cable modem outages & slow bandwith

    I have a cable modem connection. The modem is the Motorola surf board
    model- SB5101i . I experience frequent outages and slow connectivity. I have found a Motorola signal booster for this problem here is the link -

    I also saw the video for this on You tube
    and it sounds like it exactly describes my situation here is the link to video -

    What do you think will this solve my problem.

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    Default Have you verified that your signal is weak?

    First, did you browse into the cable modem's status page to verify that you have a weak signal? My experience has shown me these possibilities: the downlink signal is too weak or too strong, the system requires your modem to transmit an uplink signal that is stronger than your modem can drive well, or your modem has been hit with a lightning strike. (Almost all of these have happened to me including downlink signals that were too strong to be properly decoded and a lightning strike.)

    The ideal downlink strength for a cable modem is 0 dBmV, or 1 millivolt AC, because that strength is part of the specification. I have had problems when the strength is lower than -8 dBmV or higher than 8 dBmV on my modem when I had cable modem service. Other cable modems have different ranges that when exceeded in either direction start to fail.

    Check your modem's data sheet to find out its ideal transmission strength range. If the requested strength is too strong, you must call the cable company to fix the problem. Cable companies want high enough attenuation to block as much noise from things like broken televisions as possible but not so much that it blocks cable modem signals.

    The only solution for a cable modem that took a lightning strike is to replace it.

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