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Thread: Warranty questions on OEM SSD Product?

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    Post Warranty questions on OEM SSD Product?

    I was thinking of buying this SSD: MZHPU256HCGL-00004

    • M.2 Interface: PCIe Gen2 5Gb/s, up to 4 lanes
    • 512MB LPDDR2 DRAM Buffer Memory
    • 3 Year Warranty, Support Standard AHCI driver, Support Toggle 2.0 interface, End-to-End Data Protection, Support TRIM Command, RoHS Compliant, Halogen-Free Compliance
    • Sequential Read: 1080MB/s, Sequential Write: 800 MB/s, Random Read (QD=32): 120K IOPS, Random Write (QD=32): 60K IOPS
    • Not compatible in the Apple MacBook Pro

    It would effectively be twice as fast as a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB.
    This PCIe M.2 SSD retails for roughly $259.95 US

    However, I want to buy it from an eBayer who I have been communicating with. This wouldn't matter normally except it is an OEM product. So I am not purchasing it directly from the reseller, and I am unsure as whether or not it is thus covered by warranty.

    I've contacted Samsung directly about this and they stated:

    Dear Mr. xxxxx,

    thank you for your email.
    Unfortunately this SSD is not one of the models supported by us, it seems to be an OEM model, so in case you will need to return it, please contact the reseller where you have purchased it from or if it was preinstalled in a laptop, please contact the laptop manufacturer.

    Kind Regards
    M. Poloni
    Samsung memory team
    The product does come with a 3 year warranty.

    On an Amazon page it states at the bottom in bold:
    Important Information:
    Seller Warranty Description
    Samsung provide a 3 year manufacturers warranty for this product. However, Samsung do not deal with end-users for the warranty for OEM products, they will only deal with us as the reseller. If necessary, please refer to the supplier with any warranty related queries and we will liaise with Samsung on your behalf.
    The eBayer I have been speaking to has been very, very honest about the item. He stated he bought it from a 'memory company' eBay store. He gave me the store's link, and sent me transcript copies of the purchase etc. and email receipt to show me that he did indeed purchase it from there.

    I am just not sure as to whether the warranty would carry over, as I would have to mail the item back to Ireland (if they would even take it for a replace).

    I did even actually contact the memory retailer company the eBayer bought the SSD from and I asked them if it would be possible to return an OEM product I bought from them for replacement, and they stated that if I gave them the transaction ID, they would organise an RMA.

    So as far as I am concerned. The buyer is very very honest enough to do business with, and has complied with all of my requests. The reseller themselves who sold the product has stated that if I provided them a transaction ID that they would organise an RMA.

    I am just worried that if something happens to the SSD that I will be out of money as there will be some way I can't get a replacement via warranty.

    So why all the trouble?
    Well the SSD is listed at only €95 and that is cheaper than a new Samsung 850 EVO which isn't even half as fast. (Before you ask, yes I do have an M.2 compatible motherboard, it's an ASUS Z97-PRO Gamer

    What do you guys think, is buying this a bad idea? Do you think that if I have an electronic copy of the receipt (the seller doesn't seem to have a physical paper copy) that I would be able to get a replacement via RMA through the reseller for this product?


    P.S. The listing ends at 6:30pm GMT. So.. I have roughly 6 hours to decide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leijonasisu View Post
    What do you guys think, is buying this a bad idea?
    My feeling is that in case you'll have no warranty, as the reseller should be legally bound to the first customer only: basically you're trading the warranty for the less amount of money.

    Does that worth? Money-wise, probably yes: but if you won't be able to replace it on your own, in case of troubles, it's somewhat a risk.

    Take also into consideration that hardly you'll note any improvement over a more classical Crucial MX100 (or Samsung 850 EVO), at least in real life desktop scenarios.
    Best, Luca

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