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Thread: surge protector how to setup

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    Default surge protector how to setup


    I have read Sticky thread "Just how effective can a surge protector be?"

    Here is my setup and i am seeking for advice how to improve this, if it needs to be improved. I am not sure.

    I have telephone line cable which is going thru surge protector, and after that in router (also connected on that Surge protector). From Router i have two 15 meters long Ethernet cables for 2 computers which are in another room. Computers are both connected on one Surge protector. Room with Router is closer to point where Electrical mains come to the house.

    I dont really think i ll get very close lighting strike, there are a lot of taller buildings near but something can always happen.

    I can change this to: telephone cable goes first into computers room and into Surge protector where Computers are connected, after that goes back to another room where is Router (and can put it into another surge protector where Router is connected), Ethernet cables goes back to Computers.

    I dont have 2 ethernet inputs on any of Surge protectors. I cant move Router to room where are Computers. I can buy 1 new Surge protector.


    PS i can make drawing of rooms and cables if that will make it easier.
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