hi, i was thinking of making a pc for my dad, as it is a real basic one.
here are the specs: Intel G3258 3.5ghz(maybe oc to 4.0ghz), AMD R7 260X, 8GB 1600mhz ram, MSI H81M-P33, kingston ssd 120gb.
The question is: will an LC POWER lc6600 be enought to power up this pc?
You say say "real basic" but those graphics cards are way more than that.

"IGP" stands for "integrated graphics processor" and a decent motherboard with a supporting CPU, and a decent amount of RAM will support your dad's" requirements just fine, without having to spend extra money on a graphics card and larger power supply.

So I agree with -The Mask- and would urge you to try the IGP first. That MSI motherboard with a supporting i3 (or i5 if budget allows), with your proposed 8Gb of RAM will do just fine. If he is not really happy with the performance, then you can buy him a graphics card for Christmas. But I think the IGP, decent CPU, 8Gb of RAM, along with the SSD will provide really decent performance.

And the Kingston SSD is not bad, but there are better ones. I too like the Samsung SSDs but Crucials are good too. But I would recommend something close to 250- 256Gb so your dad has more room to save more large drawings. Going with the integrated graphics will allow the budget to buy a bigger SSD. If he will be saving a lot of large drawings for long periods of time, a secondary hard drive may be necessary.

If you can find a 80 PLUS "Gold" PSU, it will cost more up front, but being more efficient than Bronze (and a lot more efficient than that LC Power) will consume less power and save your dad more with lower energy costs over the long run.