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Thread: Lite-On, SFF PSUs, and Questionable caps

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    Default Lite-On, SFF PSUs, and Questionable caps

    Hey guys, thinking about asking about this over at badcaps as well, but think I'll start here. I work in IT for a moderate size hospital (~2000 users). I've been here since last summer, and we've been working on upgrading a lot of old computers to new Windows 7 ones. They are a mix of Dell Optiplex 390, 3010, and now 3020 SFFs (depending on when they were purchased). I was looking at one tonight and took a look in the vent with a flash light, and was able to see it is made by Lite-On, looks like the secondary caps are SamXon, and the primary filter cap is an Elite cap. It is fan cooled, but the exhaust coming out of this little PSU is pretty warm. I know OkW was saying good OEMs can get good life out of even questionable caps, but how far does that extend?

    How much I wonder, can be done when you are dealing with a size constraint (SFF, PSU is very long and narrow) and questionable caps. I know Lite-On is a huge manufacturer of Power supplies, but it seems like they stick to OE stuff and don't really seem to make anything you'd find off the shelf like Delta, or Chicony.

    I have flashbacks to the days of the GX620 power supply plague, and shudder.

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    Lite-On puts in what Dell wants = pays for.

    I think you concern too much, as medical CE-compliance is the primary concern and for long-living systems you should not buy Dell/HP/Lenovo (those warranty plans) but from Medical SIs who assemble what you want BTO.

    And for cap lifetime the thermal design matters a lot.
    Those caps won't last long, but they should survive their warranty plan by a week. That is, if Dell's/Lite-on's engineers calculated & designed right.

    And for caps the thermal design of the PSU matters a lot too. For your systems' PSUs, you don't need 105C Rubicons, just a realistic life cycle estimate to replace them in time or the trust that they have OCP when they die :-)

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    Since I have worked in hospitals, I note that most machines are not involved in medical stuff. They are in essence office machines. Dells are very popular. But the older machines were all SFF. The newer machines were a mix of SFF and smaller boxen that were strapped to the back of monitors. The newest machines are a combination of SFF's and AiO's, depending on the usage application and the hospital budget.
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