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Thread: USB / PS2 (power?) errors with Win 7 install.

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    Default USB / PS2 (power?) errors with Win 7 install.

    Hey all, just been trying to install Win 7 on parents PC, and getting some issues that are annoying me, can't tell if just a driver issue but becoming less likely, wondering if anyone here knows...

    Background: Had an old MSI AMD (AM2?) board with a dodgy capacitor (near the CPU) but seemed to work fine. I added a new 840 SSD and sata DVD drive (with molex to sata adapter), and suddenly mum finds it doesn't fully shut down when shutting down - the screen turns off but all fans, inc cpu fan, still running. have to hard off. figured no probs as I was about to replace mobo anyway...

    So, today I put in a GA-MA78G-DS3H (AMD 780G / SB700), with 5200+ and 4GB ram in (all previously in use fine in my own PC), and connected to all her current drives (originally 2 HD, 1 SSD, 1 DVD, though I've since removed the two HDs), Radeon 240, and 430w PSU (coolermaster - shoot me). Not exactly power hungry though.

    Also has PS2 MS keyboard and USB MS wheel mouse optical connected.

    First boot is fine, BIOS stats look good, so I stick in the Win 7 install disk and it all starts going tits up.

    - As soon as "Starting Windows" logo pops up, the USB mouse light goes out, and doesn't function. I figured driver issue. Rebooted from the install options, the screen hung, then BSODs with a USB0000... driver error.
    - On another boot to install CD, it errored out before doing anything with a black error screen about a connected USB device. At this point I drag the mouse out and continue with the install.
    - After full install, I reconnected the mouse, and auto driver install searches windows update forever for drivers, eventually brings up a drivers installing screen, and then hangs (albeit with animted loading circle) requiring hard reboot.
    - I give up, and get my USB to PS2 adapter for the mouse, which works fine, once.
    - Other USB keyboards/mice I tried (bluetooth and wireless via dongles) didn't do anything (no driver loading / nothing).
    - After another reboot, the mouse stops working again (no light, no movement), another reboot and the keyboard stops working too.
    - And here's where it gets worse - I boot in to BIOS, and now the keyboard is playing up, with some button presses not registering, and some other keys mixing up (eg. Left = Up, sometimes, sometimes = Down, sometimes Left, sometimes nothing, whatever. Same with every key).

    So I figure that rules out pure Windows driver issues (although possibly this for the USB - ) . I've given up for the night, gonna try my own keyboard and mouse tomorrow, but what gives? Something dodgy with PSU (weird electrical interferance, not enough power for devices / i/o chips)? Weird windows / 780G issue? Dodgy wiring (the molex to sata adapter was cheap...)? Dodgy peripherals (they were fine until the windows install)? Just bad luck?

    EDIT: now trying with a usb (rf wireless) keyboard - first boot to bios fine, then repeated boots in to bios got worse; freezing after a minute (screens fine, just no keyboard) then eventually not even working at all as soon as bios loads. Switched the receiver to it's ps2 connection, and its fine now. What gives? Usb power issue? Which doesnt explain the ps2 issue from yesterday. And doesnt explain why ps2 wprking fine today.

    EDIT 2: still fine on the ps2, tried the ms fix above and now getting nothing at all via usb. Possible cause could be then psu after all - may try replacing if win update and some drivers dont fix it. Apparently amd drivers arent sp hot with sb700 though - ahci a big no no.

    EDIT 3: new psu in, ps2 still fine. Windows install still gives a STOP: 0x000000FE error if usb connected (probably the sb700 issue mentioned above) but once installed, and latest ati sb7xx drivers install (do NOT install the ahci drivers, DO install the usb filter driver) and i finally have a working usb mouse - didnt hang on mouse driver install this time either. So unless it goes tits up again (and it will, it always does) im thinking i had... Oh wait its frozen again... Grrr...
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