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Thread: Consumer grade power meters accuracy

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    It could easily be the same meter internally.

    If I have one criticism of the Rek, it's that the 2A range isn't very accurate above 25W or so. I always have to start my testing by throwing it into 20A mode manually and keeping it from autoranging, or it reads power draw high and everything fails 80 Plus.

    The only time I use 2A mode is for standby measurements. That's the only time it's useful.

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    As for these cheap meters, the problem is with harmonics and PFC. If the corrections lets too many of them pass, the meter cannot measure the higher-frequency ones. You can believe its reading for ordinary (resistance, capacitative or inductive) load, it is fairly OK for SMPS with good PFC, it can measure BS for SMPS with passive or no PFC at all.

    The rest usually does not matter - it is some board with one tiny IC which measures voltage and current with some frequency on a current shunt. Most of the differences are what frequency it uses and the physical appearance (display, buttons).

    And oh, do not ever hook them on non-sine-wave output. I killed my Energy Monitor 3000 hooked onto that APC extender with integrated batteries (running from them).

    Anyway there are some chinese companies (Everfine is one of them) which make nice power analyzers and more instruments, we would like to start reselling some in Europe so if anybody is interested…I've seen battery ESR meters, nice clamp meters, multimeters etc. Some of them almost reach on japanese devices, sure you won't get the same built quality and service/support, but some have SW provided and they cost half the price of japanese device. Not for everyday professional heavy-duty use, but entry-level professional why not.

    I'll probably start with the power analyzer as I can use that myself over that child toy wall meter. If I like it, we jump on it.

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