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Thread: Opinions on the EVGA Hadron SFF 500w PSU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kougar View Post
    the radiator fans are much louder than the ~40mm fan in the PSU which I also find to be surprising
    Thanks for sharing.

    Is that tiny fan always on, even at idle? In case, is it even barely audible at idle?

    On the contrary, whether it run semi-fanless, can you tell at about which load the PSU fan ramps up?

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    The PSU fan is always on, it is one of those super-thick server-style fans designed to push air via high speed. Which means it moves barely any air at at low speed.

    It's temp controlled and ramps up as the unit gets warmer, thankfully the PSU is efficient enough that it doesn't need much cooling, otherwise it has the potential to get very loud very fast. It's not audible at all at idle, in fact the system is extremely quiet as a whole. To your question, I'm going to guess a ~200w load is about where the PSU fan becomes audible, but it's not that loud. The radiator fans are louder at any load level. Room temp is probably going to determine how loud the PSU gets though as the PSU housing dissipates a lot of the heat it makes. (it stretches across the bottom of the case so there's a lot of housing acting as a heatsink)

    Letting it run F@H makes it pretty loud though, the top of the case reaches 110F in a cool 70F room and the radiator fans have to work overtime. Even so Coretemps stay around 65c and the Titan Black at 62c, both are watercooled in the Hydro version.

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