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Thread: No grounded plugs for Lenovo yoga in china

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    Default No grounded plugs for Lenovo yoga in china

    So I just moved to china (beijing to be exact) about a week and a half ago. After extensive searching for a halfway decent apartment I was finally able to find one that I liked. I signed the lease and paid in full for three months (which is apparently normal) however upon inspection after moving in there is not a single grounded outlet in the entire place. Every single one looks like the picture in the link below. Now I would consider myself to be reasonably tech savvy (although more on the software side of things) but I cannot seem to find a way that I trust to power my Lenovo yoga 11s because the power adapter has a grounded plug. I did a little bit of research online that led to mixed results, because nothing was specific to China and grounds. I do have with me both surge protectors (that are also grounded) as well as a travel adapter that seems to go from non grounded to grounded however when I plugged on into the other and the wall there was a loud pop so I disconnected it. The little I have found online suggested maybe a uninterruptible power supply would be able to both solve the plug dilemma as well as keep voltage spikes to a minimum. Any one have any solutions of suggestions?

    Also I'd rather not deal with my landlord too much as he seems to be something of a dirtbag so if we can avoid that I would prefer it.

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    Just having a power strip or a UPS with a ground pin doesn't mean you're grounded. You might as well just break off the ground pin with a pair of pliers (something I've done when in your situation).

    But since you're going to be in China for a while, why not just get a China power cord for your adapter. While the adapter/DC side of the power adapter is Lenovo, the cord part of the adapter is universal.

    The part that plugs into the adapter is what we call a "Mickey Mouse connector" (because it looks like mouse ears) or "Cloverleaf connector", but is officially called a "C5 connector". So what you want is a China to C5 power cord.... this:

    Probably any decent computer store in Beijing is going to have this.

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