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Thread: Antec PSU / replacement failed again

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    Default Antec PSU / replacement failed again


    I bought a Antec TP-750EC (the old series, not the actual model) in June, 2010. that PSU failed in 2013 and was replaced with a High Current Pro 750.
    That HCP-750 now also causes problems.

    Under load the system goes off without any warning and after reboot the bios reports that "Asus Anti surge" shut the system down.
    I tried to disable "Anti surge" but the system does go down after a few minutes of gaming. There are no eventlog entries of a bluescreen or any other relevant error, it seems that the system looses power.

    I put a Bequiet Pure Power 530W in the system and everything works fine, so i am quite sure hte HCP-750 is faulty.

    The original TP-750EC seems to have 5 years of warranty, is this warranty also valid for the HCP-750 which was my warranty replacement for the first failed power supply?

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    Of course.
    You have 5 Years from the date of purchase for the original product.
    So your warranty is valid until june 2015.

    Even with the third replacement...

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