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Thread: Seeking PSU compatible with Strider ST1500 modular cables

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    Default Seeking PSU compatible with Strider ST1500 modular cables

    Hi folks,

    I bought a Silverstone Strider ST1500 a few years back for my primary workstation, mostly because it was the top-reviewed model on jonnyguru at the time. I'd like to replace it with a single-rail PSU, but don't want to rewire my whole case (which would take at least a day's work).

    I'm looking for a recommendation on alternative units which are compatible with the ST1500's cables.

    I know the ZM1350 is compatible, but it might be too long for me. Also it only has an 80mm fan which I presume is louder.

    I think the Strider Gold Evolution 1000W or 1200W might work, but they seemed to get a lukewarm review compared to competitors. Also I wouldn't be using the fancy cables it comes with which have built-in capacitors, and am concerned this will deteriorate the ripple suppression or exacerbate other shortcomings mentioned in the article. I do love the fact it comes with a magnetic clip-on filter (I'm currently using a homemade filter of thin screen mesh fastened with foil tape).

    1) Do any other manufacturers make PSU's that will accept Silverstone's modular cables? (e.g. I tried with a Corsair AX1200 I had kicking around and they didn't fit)

    2) Any thoughts on the Strider Gold overall?

    3) Is it ok to use the Strider Gold with my existing cables (no capacitors) and will the ripple be a lot worse?

    4) Do ALL the cables that come with the Strider Gold have capacitors built in, or just the PCI-E cables for the GPU's? (Rewiring just my GPU's would be a lot easier than the whole case).

    Note I don't really need whole 1500W; I may have over-provisioned things the first time around and it would be convenient not to have to deal with the special power cable anymore.

    Also I actually have two ST1500's (one's just been sitting on a shelf as backup) and if anyone's interested in them let me know (but please keep this thread focused on my questions - thanks!).
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