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Thread: PSU for 290x

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    For best price/performance ratio I've found those, and assuming he only wants 1 GPU, 550W would be plenty:
    XFX 550W PRO550W 55$ AR
    Antec HCG-620M 75$ AR

    You can check this site for more review of each product you narrow to consider:

    And this is also useful article about efficiency:

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    well, regarding the 290x, I have moderated my stance that 550 watts is more than enough for any single GPU system.

    While 250 watts might be fine as an average in gaming, there are a great number of review sites that show 300 to 350 watts in peak load situations.

    Factory OC models and multiple fan models also have a higher wattage usage than the reference model.

    So given a high-end system with a good deal of bells and whistles pulling 200 watts and 350 + watts rather easy to pull from the is not at all inconceivable that a 550 watt unit will be pushed pretty hard.

    So without more details on the entire rig and the specific 290x...I think it is wise to error on the higher side here.

    So, while I tend to agree that it is easy to recommend a good 550 watt to 90% of the builds with a single card...If it were mine, I know I would end up getting the 750 watt unit.

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