they make it about nationality.
No, they make it about the bottom line; profit.

It is because of marketing weenies there are so many inaccurate terms out there that I feel cause confusion for the newbies and the experienced out there. For example, technically, there is no such thing as a "wireless router" yet we see that marketing term all the time.

A router is simply a "wired" network device that connects (or isolates) two networks. Most SOHO (small office/home office) routers have integrated within the same box a 4-port Ethernet switch. Two, "discrete" (separate) network devices in the same box.

A "wireless router" also includes a WAP (wireless access point), another "discrete" network device that resides in the same box as the router and switch. 3 discrete network devices that just happen to share the same circuit board, power supply, case, and maybe menu system.

I note they have All-In-One Printing devices. They have All-In-One computers. But do they use "All-In-One Networking" for these "integrated" network devices? Nooooo! They have to come up with some technically inaccurate buzz word.