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Thread: Power supplies in tight builds

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    Default Power supplies in tight builds

    Hi guys, would love to hear what you think.

    Small and compact cases seems the way in attract the users.

    In a search for a new case I came across the Corsairs Carbide Cube serie and Cooler Masters HAF XB recently, interesting design in both of them I would say.

    But after some time watching some pictures it strucked me how close attached everything was near the PSU. I've seen examples from people who mounted drives and SSD's on top of power supplies before in make it shine a bit.

    But beyond traditional thoughts of management, what impact may it have on components like, audio, graphics, workflow, CPU, hazard for spikes etc, if mounting a whole motherboard that close ?

    In speak of statics, as well interference from electromagnetic fields I guess there must be some recommended requirements that has to be followed.

    It seems its almost green for anything or is it nothing to worry about?

    Looking forward hear your voices on this subject

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    The PSU is enclosed in a metal case grounded at the input socket, which acts as a Faraday cage. This "cage" absorbs all radiated EMI from the PSU switching noise. PSUs sold in the US must undergo extensive FCC certification, including a test in a shielded room with an antenna and spectrum analyzer to detect any radiated EMI. If the EMI exceeds safe levels set by the FCC, the PSU is denied certification and cannot be sold in the US. The FCC's accepted EMI levels are set such that any interference with wired or wireless equipment (including your motherboard and SSD) is extremely unlikely.

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