I own a Rosewill RHSP-13003 and a EVGA 220-P2-1000-XR. Users on the EVGA forums said that it uses cheap MOVs and isn't suitable for switching power supplies. I'm trying to find out what surge protector with an outlet strip I should get instead. I have the PSU plugged directly into the wall outlet.

The last Supernova I had melted down during overvolting and OC-ing and became inoperable; some solder dripped down onto a coil and a cap; it wouldn't power on after that. I got EVGA to do an advanced RMA, and the wall outlet method works fine, but I want surge protection.

On an off-topic note:
I got the Supernova on recommendation from jonnyGURU. I'm thinking of getting the Antec HCP-1300 Platinum 1300W once it becomes more available from online retailers. I got my Supernova for $189.99 (and the A-RMA was paid for by EVGA), so the extra $100 isn't that much more for the price of staying up to date with one of the best lines on the market.