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Thread: Review Sample Pre-Screening discussion (from CS-M review discussion)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan Payne View Post
    With the RM problem you mean the OTP tripping in semi fanless mode and not the missing jumper on the modular PCB?

    The problem you saw with the Chikoney made and not the problem with the smaller CWT ones with the mod PCB with the samples from Jonnyguru AND PC-Max...
    Yes, RM750

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    I see it from a different perspective. I work for a different technology manufacturer. We have a demo pool of sample units that get sent out for evaluation and reviews. These are frequently PVT or very early MP units that may have last minute reworks applied. These units stay as our review samples until the end of the products life. Seeing these first hand, I know that what we are sending out for reviews and demos are not as good as what you get if you buy it from Tech Data or CDW. It has always seemed crazy to me that we do not put our best foot forward, but we don't.

    The end result is that maybe you are getting an early test unit which may be 'hand picked' and possibly had ECNs applied by hand, but that doesn't mean it is better than what is on the shelf, or even as good as what is on the shelf.

    In our case, any particular demo/review unit will go out to a number of places to be beat on and tested before you get it. And we still have units that arrive DOA after working successfully at 25 other locations previously.

    Anyway - just a different perspective. Hand Picked or early production samples are not necessarily better.

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