I recently upgraded (upgraded?) my PSU from a Corsair 650W unit to an OCZ 1000w fatal1ty. With the new unit my PC would shut off then back on immediately during CPU intensive games, returning to the 650w unit completely fixed the issue. I contacted OCZ and RMA the unit, eating a $30 shipping cost. OCZ sent me a new unit, which I installed only to run into the same issue! Surely I'm not so unlucky as to receive 2 lemons back to back.

Is it possible the problem is in my home wiring? That the bump from 650-1000w is triggering?

System specs are as follows:

i-5 2500k@ 4ghz
8g Corsair vengeance RAM
ASUS p8p67 PRO (rev3) mobo
MSI NGTX680 Lightning typically @ 1241mhz under load