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Originally Posted by allikat View Post
Well, it seems your airflow setup is good, your parts choice is good, and with a UPS to isolate you from external problems, I think the PSU is the only other possible culprit. You will also want to tidy your cables (if you haven't already) to keep them away from your motherboard as much as possible. Those AMD chipsets can get quite warm.
Thanks for the tips, i also guess think the main problem may come from ups, just now the computer is blank out again, but all the cpu is still on, i try some tips from some reading to press windos and r too restart the system but it wont work, than i hard restart from the pc, and after 5 minutes it happens again, im really2 confuse, then i try to test it in furmark for 5 minutes but nothing happen, the card seems nice, it got ave 15fps for 1360x769 4xmsaa setting, if power supply is the main problem, supposesably when i stress test the gpu it will fail like when im in the game right?
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