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Originally Posted by booya View Post
>12V @ 300W = 25A. ANY rail on that Enermax can handle TWO of those graphics cards at full load.
But Enermax rated each rail only at 0-30A. And two OC`ed cards will consume 600W (that's for sure) continuously (e.g. 3DMark) not counting the peak load. As about OCP range (40-50A) - I don't know under what conditions and for how long.
Again: Read how multiple +12V rails work. They set the OCP to 40A~50A each. Each rail is fed by a single source. That single source is capable of 125A. The most limiting factor is actually the pins of the connector, which is probably why Enermax suggests only 30A per rail. If you only use each modular connector for one card, that's still only 300W per card OC'd. That's only 25A. 25A < 30A.

You're over thinking it.
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