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Originally Posted by -The_Mask- View Post
What's the noise you hear? Is it bearing noise or just a fast spinning fan? Replacing the fan doesn't seem like a good idea. You probably only gonna make the PSU overhead, because there isn't enough airflow.
No bearing noise, just fan noise. But I would think that a fullsize 92mm fan would have higher CFM than a slim one, not?
According to this test the SF600 fan is around 2000rpm on 500w load (which is lower than my 450 max)

Heres some stats on Noctua's 92mm fans;

So If we take the NF-A9x14 as an example for a slim fan; @2200rpm it has a CFM of 50,5. And Noctua being Noctua, i think we can safely assume that that is as high CFM you can get it on a slim 92mm fan at 2000rpm (IDcooling also has a 92mm slim fan with 44,3CFM@2500rpm and that's more similar to the corsair fan in regards to blade design),

And If I where to get the NF-A9 FLX (due to 3 pin) and that has a great increase in amount of airflow, despite spinning slower. I don't know the starting voltage for it, but according to this, the fan controller ramps up the voltage as needed, so it would start when needed regardless.

I'm also thinking of getting the new corsair commander pro and control the PSU fan with one of the thermal-resistors, but I would think that it would be sufficient with the internal controller.
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