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Originally Posted by -The_Mask- View Post
There isn't a working PSU calculator. But a high quality 400W is already enough. Peak gaming power consumption with a stock GTX 980 Ti is around 300W DC, with a overclocked model it could be around 350W DC. But the SF450 is enough with every GTX 980 Ti out there as long as you don't use some extreme overclocks.

And yes it's that quiet and that good.,4512-4.html

Every other SFX PSU is just the wrong choice.
According to Techpowerup's review of my card, the card (not system) draws 309w at maximum (with a slightly less oc than mine).

So 350w for gpu and 65w for i7 6700 (non k)=415w. I can't imagine that 6 noctua fans and one SSD will use more than 35w. Suppose it also can handle more than 450w peak regardless?


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