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Originally Posted by cheapie View Post
So, if I understand correctly, Google Translate is telling me I should go on a diet for 3 years where I eat only power supplies. However, if I buy budget food, it won't come with many accessories. I can also get weather for cheap?
Well that's actually a really good summary of the review.

Originally Posted by quest for silence View Post
What's the point, according to you, over their G450M? Just some more watts on the badge?
Well yeah that's a bit the problem, nothing really. The GM series is also based on the same platform but the secondary is upgraded to DC-DC which let to a higher efficiency and better voltages regulation. A couple of weeks ago the G550M had the same price as the B600 v2, which makes the B600 v2 a bit useless. Now the difference is only 5 euros, still pretty close.

Originally Posted by McSteel View Post
Nice review, Mask, and nice of CM to let you be completely honest yet use their equipment.
Yes indeed, still waiting for their comments btw.
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